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Aerial Photography


Aerial photography has an unrivalled ability to showcase elements of a home and bring them to the forefront. Whether you are looking to showcase that panoramic ocean setting or highlight that town center location, aerial photography is a must.

Utilizing our background in architectural photography we know how to get the best out of your property from this unique viewpoint.

Drone technology is an exciting service that brings a huge amount of potential and offers up some breathtaking aerial visuals.

That said there are times when drone photography will well and truly not be your friend and quite frankly only serve to highlight potentially negative aspects of the home. For instance, if the home is in very close proximity to the neighbours - no amount of creative piloting or framing of the shot will be able to escape this. If the home is surrounded by extensive tree cover, nearby electricity pylons, or next to a factory a drone is only going to highlight this negative feature. 

We are always happy to advise clients and talk through what it is they are looking to showcase and weigh up whether drone photography is needed. We never try to upsell a service if it isn't something that will benefit our clients. Having clocked hundreds of hours of flight time we are well versed in getting you the very best imagery for your marketing needs.

Being a relatively new piece of technology drone photography still holds a wow factor that impresses and gets people excited. Drones allow you to showcase views that have traditionally been off-limits to all but the most bountiful of marketing budgets. If you are looking to highlight your proximity to town or a local beauty spot an aerial photograph is unequalled in its ability to do so. Maybe your property has extensive grounds and outbuildings, being able to place the whole property through drone photography with one sweeping view set against a gorgeous sunset is an extremely effective tool. If you are wanting to show potential buyers how close your home is to the beach again drone photography is going to be invaluable.

Aerial photograph of various riverside residences overlooking downtown Jacksonville.
Birds eye drone photogrph of a large Florida home with pool and extensive gardens.
Drone photograph of large two storey family home with outdoor pool.
Birds eye photograph of various beachside homes with access to the beach and ocean.
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