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Free Sky Library

Go ahead and fill your boots at this ‘all you can eat’ sky library buffet and download as many or as few as your wish. Some may put this offering down to our altruistic nature here at Two Bears Studio - the more cynical of you will likely see the blatant play for more targeted web traffic from architectural photographers, either way, it's free so tuck in and get yourself another plate of delicious free skies.  

This library is an ongoing project which is still in its infancy at the moment and will be added to adhoc so it's always worth checking back in. All the images are currently high-res jpeg files. At the moment there is a decent offering within the daytime and twilight skies which will fit perfectly into the sky replacement library of Photoshop.

The actual two bears which are the namesake of this company enjoy a good wander in the mornings so when I remember to take the camera and it's not hammering down with rain I am usually able to grab a few snaps of the local skyline here in Lincolnshire to continue building the sky library that I can utilize for my own photography and for my architectural retouching clients. That said I thought why not just offer this out to everyone - so here it is, I hope they are of some use and I am pleased that I can offer something back to the architectural photography community. Any backlinks or attribution would be great where possible. Enjoy.

There are google drive folders for both the daytime and twilight skies - just click the links. The content on this page is just a selection of some of the imagery available.

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