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Real Estate Photography

Providing the very best luxury real estate marketing for the East Midlands and throughout the United Kingdom.

The old saying, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ has never rung so true, especially when it comes to luxury real estate marketing. A beautiful photograph that speaks of the intricate architectural lines of the house, complemented by beautiful lighting is going to be a big visual hook in what is a very crowded real estate marketing pond.

Our real estate photography allows your listing to stand out from the rest. Our knowledge of composition and light, along with some extremely skilled post-production knowledge, allows us to create luxury real estate photography that appeals to potential home buyers. It pulls the viewer in and encourages them to explore your listing further.

Having spent 4 years submerged in the American real estate market shooting for the likes of Disney, The Four Seasons, Christie's and Sotheby's we have a track record for creating exceptional luxury real estate marketing.

Being able to offer so many services under one roof allows us to ensure the same quality and creativity across all of your luxury real estate marketing material. From start to finish our team uses the latest and best tools to create a finished product that speaks for itself across all of your chosen real estate marketing channels.

Properties that push beyond the million-pound bracket and above are notoriously difficult to sell and it is no different here in the east midlands. The higher the property price goes, the smaller the pool of potential homeowners gets. So ensuring that your property stands out online is paramount. This web page goes some way to illustrating the quality and the style of the luxury real estate photography we create here at Two Bears Studio. We like to think our work more than pays for itself via the added attention your property will receive.

Real estate photography has a deep affinity with the world of architectural photography. It shares the same visual language, techniques, and core skill sets that are needed to create visual marketing that speaks to people. The emphasis on strong leading lines and compositions that articulate how people interact with a space are the key to success in both fields. It's our grounding in architecture that provides us with a platform and knowledge basis from which we can create the very best visual photography and marketing for luxury real estate.

We are a dedicated team of creative professionals that are constantly pushing the boundaries of what we do. Whether you are an estate agent or a homeowner looking to sell your home, we are perfectly poised to create all of the visual marketing content you need to engage with your clients. If your interested please don't hesitate to get in contact with us via the bottom of the page.

All your luxury real estate marketing needs all under one roof.

White traditional family kitchen with large central island doubling as a cooking space and breakfast bar.
Moody twilight photograph of a steel roofed family home.
Beautiful transitional master bedroom with wooden beams and chandelier.
Huge sofa encompassing a large white living room. Looking into the modern white kitchen.
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