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Architectural & Interiors


East Midlands based studio that has a track record of creating iconic architectural and interior design photography here in the UK and abroad.

Two Bears Studio specializes in architectural and interiors photography. Located in the East Midlands in the United Kingdom we see ourselves as both image makers and visual storytellers that have a passion for the built environment.

With every project, our approach always begins by gaining an understanding of the space through communication and collaboration with our clients. It's that open dialogue that allows us to discover the thought process behind the design of the space, its nuances, and ultimately translate that into the photographs we create. Working in this way and gaining this deep understanding of architecture and interior design means that every photography shoot is tailored to our clients, to gain the best possible results.

Capturing the atmosphere of a space and weaving a creative visual narrative of it is at the heart of all our photography. 

Our architectural and interiors photography is underpinned by a desire to create imagery that looks and feels as natural and as true to the space as possible. To achieve this our approach is to supplement and enhance the natural light of the space, creating a final photograph that is honest and authentic to the room.


During the course of the day, the sun can transform how a room or building looks and feels. Our photography process revolves around our understanding of what that light will do to that space and the changes it will bring. It's through this understanding that we can capture it at the optimum time with the best light. It's the delicate dance between light and shadow that is at the foundation of all photography and it is no different for any architectural and interiors photographer.

Everything we do here at Two Bears Studio feeds off our passion for photographing beautiful architecture and interior design.

On each shoot we strive to create an environment where we can all bounce ideas off one another and being able to do this with like-minded creatives is invaluable. It's through this sharing of ideas and knowledge that develops and expands our understanding of the space, while at the same time ultimately having fun and enjoying the creative process.

Exploring a new space and finding beautiful compositions from behind the lens is what we do and we hope that passion can be clearly seen throughout our portfolio. If you keen to explore further please check out some of our latest work on our blog as well. If you have a space or project in mind we would love to hear from you, please feel free to get in touch.

View through two sliding blue doors into a elaborate hallways with sweeping staircase, tiled floor and comfy chair.
modern open plan kitchen and dinning room with views of the sea.
Ginger golden retreiver relaxing on a brown chesterfield sofa infront of a collage wall full of art.
Transitional open plan living room and kitchen with views of the river and pool.
A large newly remodeled teal utility room with gold handle accents.
Beautifully remodeled kitchen for an old rectory. The large navy kitchen island sits four people while the surrounding cabinets are in a light grey.
A large white and gold petal shaped chandelier sits above a white sweeping staircase.
A custom built seating are for a home bar. The emerald green seating wraps around the historic buildings window space.
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