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AJ Brown -

Architectural Retouching Part 2

Another visual smorgasbord of the edits we have been working on for the very talented team over at AJ Brown imaging. If you have walked the boards on my blog before you will no doubt be familiar with AJ’s work if not head over and check out more of his work here and on his website. All imagery is copyrighted by AJ Brown Imaging. 

It's been a while since I have done a bit of an image dump for all the editing for AJ and over the course of that time I have been on a bit of a virtual road trip with him and the team, which has taken us from east to west coast and a tonne of other places in between. Whether it's a state of the art hospital, gorgeous new high rise office space or a brand spanking new school it's always good fun to work on the post-production for the incredible imagery that AJ produces. On that note personally, I think there is a lot that can also be said from the process of editing for other architectural photographers. Seeing how they tackle and approach problems can be a very eye-opening process and one which can really help grow yourself as a photographer and retoucher.

The architectural and interiors retouching side of the business is one that began really as a bit of an afterthought but has proved to be a massive part of the day to day life here at Two Bears Studio and there are fairly regular communications from across the globe enquiring about the service. In a lot of those communications, the photographers regularly stress their worry of not being able to let go of the retouching and trust it to someone else. Like all creatives that desire for perfection and understanding the steps taken behind the camera to achieve it can be hard to translate - meaning that most of the time people prefer to handle their retouching themselves. I think by specializing in architecture and interiors retouching and that alone it gives photographers confidence in what we do. Because of our experience photographing architecture and interiors there is that understanding of the nuances of this type of photography and an ability to quickly grasp how this puzzle needs to be pieced together. 

To learn more about our architectural and interiors retouching service head over to our services page for a bit more in-depth analysis of what we do.

All imagery shown below is copyrighted by AJ Brown Imaging.

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