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Chiselwood - Interiors


A Chiselwood double bill for you here. A back to back two project special - so I advise you to put the kettle on, visit the bathroom, put the kids to bed, turn off the phone and strap yourself in. Slightly dramatic maybe but I have to find ways to spin what is essentially my inability to update the website in a timely manner and have to resort to combining two special projects together in an interiors photography double bill post.

First and foremost a homebar that doesnt shy away from a splash of colour. I say splash when I really mean a small acid trip on green and golds. This entertaining space had already seen some good parties by the time we had come to shoot it - a couple of lamps were on a more jauntier angle than perhaps the original plans had promised. A few mental notes for corrections in photoshop were made and we cracked on with getting this incredible interior space photographed. 


So a tricky space to photogaph mainly because there is a large central space that at is dominated by a pool table that we were keen to avoid showing so the focus was to capture the custom elements that the Chiselwood team had spent so much time painstakingly creating for this home bar. Around the outside of the room are an array of gorgeous seating areas that is there to cater for those who have perhaps returned weary legged from the dance floor or refused to partake in the first place, either way plenty space to rest those bottoms on some beautiful custom furniture. The star of the show though has to be the bar area which is impressive to say the least - Martin and the team definitely decided to give themselves a challenge with the construction of this beauty. Inlaid with a stunning mosaic from the Trend group this bar is certainly one of kind and is a the jewel in the crown of this amazing entertainment space.

I havent even mentioned the powder bathroom that we captured as well. Just a quick dive into this one - not to be outdone on the vibrant colour front this space does not shy away from a spot of colour. Again full of Chiselwood goodies from top to bottom, I shall let the shots do the talking for this space.

Last but not least a collection of shots from a project that we photographed for both Chiselwood and Samantha Waterhouse. The project spanned a bunch of spaces across the home but the star of the shot is certainly the kitchen which has been getting a serious amount of attention on social media and you can easily see why. Love that combination of teal and gold - its something that they have done before for one of the utility rooms I shot and it’s a combination that never fails to disappoint. An incredible family kitchen that any aspiring chef would be seriously jealous of and a pleasure to photograph. Check out some of the other projects we have captured for Chiselwood and Samantha Waterhouse over on our latest work page.

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