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Lincolnshire Stately

Home Part 2 - Interiors


Well here is a sizable part 2 addition to the shots that we showcased previously, if part 1 has eluded then you can see more of this project here. Where to start eh? Take one amazing historic home that remains as beautiful as ever on the outside yet inside is in need of a few skip loads of TLC and a remodel to bring it in line with the needs of a modern family. 

I was lucky enough to shoot this home across a couple of days for a number of venders. Having seen the before shots and the transformation this home has undertaken I can't stress enough how incredible the job is that the various teams at BMA, Chiselwood, The House Painting Company and Samantha Waterhouse Interiors have done.

Whereas previously I showed off shots that focused on only a couple of the spaces at this amazing 17th century home this post showcases the entire home. I won't go over every space but focus on a few key areas. Starting on the exteriors one of the major projects was replacing an old fish pond with an outdoor pool and creating a raised platform to make the most of the beautiful views overlooking Lincolnshire. Thankfully I managed to find a few gaps in the clouds to do justice to this amazing transformation. Moving inside I was informed of how the layout of the home has taken on a big transformation - the original floorplan of the home really didn't flow or utilise the spaces to the best of their ability. The kitchen was a small room towards the back of the house that felt disconnected from the rest of the home and so moving it and creating a space that put the kitchen at the heart of the family home was key - obviously saying this and then doing it are two very different things and the sheer amount of work involved is incredible. Anyway check out the shots of the beautiful kitchen.

Finally, to stop myself rambling on too much, a quick mention for the incredible walk-in wardrobe that Chiselwood created, I will let the pictures do this one.

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