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Photograph of circular coffee tables with Sophie James candle and books.
Gorgeous photograph of a modern white armchair with a free standing lamp set against a large leaning mirror.
Interiors photograph of a beautiful neutral living room with large L shaped sofa.
Beautiful detail photograph of a comfy snug with ombre curtains and custom artwork.
Detail photograph of the fabrics used for the interior design of this space.
Photograph of a stunning modern grey dining room.
Beautiful photograph of a comfy snug with ombre curtains and custom artwork.
Detail photograph of a stunning modern grey dining room with magazine open on the marble table top.
Photograph of a modern grey dining room overlooking a marble table top.

Berkley House

- Interior Design Photography

My blog writing skills directly correlate with a number of variables, notably coffee intake, current workload, duration of this morning's dog walk & sleep. Today these variables have aligned in a manner that would suggest that you are getting a smaller slice of waffle than normal.

Anyway, another awesome project by Rachel Usher and her team up in the beautiful county of Yorkshire. If you have read any of my previous posts you might gather that I am a bit of a fan of the work those guys do, this interior design project is no exception. My musical obsession at the time was a bluegrass band called The Dead South - still is my obsession if I’m honest. Anyway after checking Abi was ok with me subjecting her to this audible toe tapping nonsense we got to work.

As with all of my interior design photography shoots my starting point is to kill all artificial light and see how the ambient light is interacting with the space. The light in each of these spaces was an interior photographer's dream, one strong single light source usually from the side or behind. That kind of light just gives us a great base from which to build the image - already you have a beautiful dance between light and shadow and it's a case of seeing how you can tune and tweak what's in front of you to get the best visual for the space. I used a few flash pops to enhance the natural light in the downstairs living room and snug, along with the odd bit of fill but outside of that it was just a case of closing curtains and controlling the natural light in the space.

I always enjoy taking a 5/10 mins after I have finished grabbing all the major compositions in a space to capture those little details that tell you the full story of a space - the play of light across a coffee table, a close up of the gorgeous fabrics that have been chosen for the curtains, a statement piece of furniture. All of these detail shots combined with the hero images give you a fuller narrative of the design of the space and combine for a much richer experience.

Walked away from this shoot with a tonne of portfolio images which is always a massive plus point. Take a look for yourself and see what you think. Check out more of our Architectural and Interiors photography here.

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