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Modern textured bathroom close up of sink and tap.
Modern textured bathroom showcasing the bath and artwork.
Beautiful image of a modern black bathroom with shower and bathtub.
Gorgeous entranceway to an old english farmhouse with newly designed interiors.
Staircase with gorgeous glass blown custom chandeliers.
Beautiful natural bathroom with freestanding bath tub and sink.
Beautiful black bathroom detail photograph of the bath and tap aside a lush green palm.
Beautiful black bathroom detail photograph of the shower aside a lush green palm.
Hallway side table in a newly designed farmhouse entranceway.
Hallway in a newly redesigned farmhouse entranceway.

The Two Bathrooms

- Interior Design Photography

I have shot a lot of bathrooms in my time from my years of photographing real estate in the US I can comfortably say I have photographed hundreds if not thousands of them. In all that time I have never shot a bathroom quite like these two. 

Personally I love that use of texture across the entire space in conjunction with the use of one colour. Especially with the lighter bathroom it gives a feeling of being organic, that texture continuing seamlessly across the sink and shelves gives the feel that the entire room has been sculpted out of earth. It's wonderfully brave interior design which was a dream to photograph.

Now trying to photograph the dark bathroom is a bit of a head scratcher for the wide hero shot. I wanted to shoot this guy all natural light and the first test shot was an indication that this would need a little more work than normal. Obviously having a dark bathroom you need to let in some more light to bring up the texture on the walls and get detail in those shadows. The problem being that when you shoot at that exposure the light from the window is so strong you have a big blown out mess where your window used to be - thus it was time to bust out the trusty Godox flashes and umbrellas. Obviously usually you would be looking to bounce your flash off of a white or as close to white surface as possible, when none are available it is time to utilise umbrellas. Cutting the room in half and replicating the direction of that natural light and punching the flash through the umbrellas was the only way I was going to be able to bring up the exposure within the bathroom and get an image that we can utilize. 

The second bathroom in contrast was all natural light and the beautiful side light coming from that one window created some stunning highlights and shadows that really sculpt the pieces of furniture that inhabit the space.

Now there were a few extra photographs that I took of the hallway as well on this interiors photography shoot which I have included at the end. Really they deserve their own post but I feel my copywriting skills wouldn't be able to do them justice solo. Quite frankly just again a masterclass from Rachel Usher and her team. 

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