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The Old Rectory -

Hill Farm Furniture

I always really look forward to these half-day kitchen photography shoots with the team over at Hill Farm Furniture as there is always a lovely relaxed feel to the shoot and there is ample time to make sure we get the right compositions. This particular day was all about capturing a beautiful open-plan kitchen they designed and installed at a beautiful old rectory here in the East Midlands.

I often try to spend a decent amount of time going through some of the blogs and websites that architectural and interiors photographers frequent - really in an effort to maintain that approach of always growing within the business and never staying still even if it is just the smallest of details or ideas that have enabled you to grow. One website that is a huge help is the Apalmanac and I think something that continually comes up as a piece of advice with interiors and architectural photography is slowing down and taking your time. I think that piece of advice resonates hugely the more years you spend photographing interiors.

I think when I first started Two Bears Studio that piece of advice was one that felt a little out of reach to be honest - even though I had all those years in the states I was starting from scratch again. When you have just started a business you are often scrabbling around for clients desperate to get the wheels in motion and tired of sending endless emails and messages to try and get a new lead, when you would much rather be out there shooting. Make sure you do get out there and shoot would be my advice, make sure you keep doing that thing you love - it really does help refocus you and offers a break from what can seem a fairly ominous task of securing X number of clients or new leads.  

Being a couple of years down the line now with Two Bears Studio there is that luxury where you can collaborate and work with people that you want to, people that understand the need to take that time to create that great final image. There isn't quite that pressure that was originally there at the start of the business that basically meant you needed to work at 110mph and do everything in your power to please anyone and everyone. Having that steady client base of people that you have formed great relationships with allows you to take on that single piece of advice of slowing down and it's an extremely liberating thing.

Anyway I guess that was what I was trying to get at with this kitchen shoot for Hill Farm Furniture before its turned into a bit of a retrospective look at how things have changed since I launched Two Bears Studio. There is always a super relaxed nature to the kitchen photography shoots with Hill Farm, and I think this shows in the imagery that we capture. The imagery from the Old Rectory is a great indicator of this and we came away with a collection of beautiful images from this space which I am really excited to share with you below. If you would like to check out some of the shots from our previous shoots with Hill Farm Furniture click the link.

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