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The Silos - Holiday

Rental Photography

I like to think that I had a fairly productive lockdown or lockdowns as it were in the UK - I was in the midst of starting Two Bears Studio from fresh and pretty much walled myself up in the office until I felt I had put some distance between myself and the Jobcentre and certain financial doom. This lockdown project/conversion, call it what you will puts my lockdown antics to shame. Easily one of the most unique architectural properties that I have photographed to date.

The Silos is a self-catering holiday cottage just outside the beautiful town of Stamford in Lincolnshire, overlooking the gorgeous countryside. As the name would suggest the Silos are built from two-grain silos that sat unused on the farm and have been given a new purpose as a luxury holiday retreat. A lockdown DIY project by Georgianna and Simon this place just makes you smile. The ambition and creativity to take two old grain silos and turn them into a beautiful dwelling is truly admirable. 

Anyway I shall pipe down now and leave you to enjoy the photographs of this incredible property. Also check out their website if you’re keen to spend a couple of nights in this unique place. Enjoy!

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