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Fiona Bateman Interiors - Portraits

Not my usual bag but nevertheless a really nice shoot to share with you. Now I usually try to stick to what I know and try not to stray too far from architecture and interiors photography but there are the odd shoots that I will make an expectation for - this was one.

Fiona Bateman Interiors had recently been in touch about getting some portrait photography done for her new website. Fiona had a strikingly similar story to myself in that she was from the UK had moved out to the States and was in the process of moving back to the UK. So we shared the obligatory stories about what we had come to love in the States and also all the things that we had found baffling, how best to fly your pets across the Atlantic, tips for restarting your business in another country, culinary dishes that we would miss from the US and of course the weather. 

Anyway as mentioned portrait photography isnt something that I typically shoot so it was good fun to take a leap outside of my comfort zone and get stuck into something a little different. But first time to get stuck into a good few youtube videos as my skills at model direction are rusty at best.

The shoot took place over at the Scene Photography Studios over in Nottingham which I must say come highly recommended, great space and super helpful staff. After chatting to Fiona it was clear that the brief was to grab a bunch of content that could be used across her new website with the focus being on portraiture of her, both staged and candid while also capturing some design led shots.

There are an abundance of spaces over at Scene so it was easy to bag a bunch of content that all had a different aesthetic which stopped it all from looking too samey if that is even a word. Big thank you to Fiona for being so relaxed and such a great model, head over to her website to check out the incredible work she does and hope you enjoy the shots.

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