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The Treehouse Interiors -

Atherstone House

One of my favourite interior design photography shoots to date because this is probably one of if not the coolest properties in the whole of Lincoln… says the man who has seen easily less than 1% of the homes in Lincoln. Still, I stick to my guns this house is incredible and you will see why when you scroll down to the photographs from this interior design shoot.

So this is was my first interiors shoot with the chaps at The Treehouse Interiors and it could be tricky to top. This home has a beautiful blend of modern and period features whilst boasting views that are pretty much unrivalled in Lincolnshire - from the master bedroom you are greeted by an amazing vista of the architectural medievil wonder that is Lincoln Cathedral. With a view like that you can see why I am a little obsessed with this grade 1 listed period property.

Personally I love photographing homes and interiors like this, the labyrinthen nature of them fascinates me and provides a lovely contrast to the modern day homes which have had their floorplans carefully considered and extensively formulated. Dating from the 13th century you can see how the home has been transformed and reworked over the years to fit its new occupants, extensions added, walls moved, seemingly random little steps up and down into rooms. Homes like these have such a rich history and its a joy to try and uncover some of that history and tell its story through the photography.

Luckily with homes like these they all have amazing shutters which act like giant barn doors and allow you to completely sculpt the light that is entering the space - a real luxury for any interiors photographer. Like with all of my shoots I am a big advocate of turning off the lights and letting the natural light do its thing. The way it spills into a room and illuminates the space and the beautiful interior design is the story that I want to tell in my photographs.

Anyway I wont prattle on too much more I promise.... Philip and Stephen had worked their magic on most of this period property but we only had time to focus on a few of the key spaces for this shoot. So the following shots are a bit of a highlight reel of the incredible interior design work they have done on this amazing property. Big big fan of the kitchen and living room personally, they shot beautifully - I am now looking at ways to crowbar that gorgeous yellow from the livingroom into any crevice of my house I can. Enjoy and if you are craving more period properties check out my other blog post on a shoot we did at another stunning Lincolnshire stately home.

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